We design and install Solar Mini-Grid Projects. Our Solar Mini- Grids are carefully designed to work efficiently and effectively as their design, durability and reliability make them the first choice for installations in harsh environments and remote locations…read more

We design and install Solar Home Package (SHP). Our Solar Home Package are carefully designed to work efficiently as their design, durability and reliability make them the first choice for installations in harsh environments and remote locations…read more

Sendavis Nigeria Limited is registered Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) and certified by National Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA). We Provide a wide range of Information and Communication Technology Services and Solutions to both small scale and medium scale business.

Sendavis is a foremost company in Water Borehole Drilling, Rehabilitation and provision of portable drinking water especially to very remote communities and locations…read more

A. Photovoltaic/INVERTER Systems:

We specialize in manufacturing and marketing of power solutions products and systems (Solar Powered Off Grid and Hybrid Systems, Inverters /Ups, etc), Our high-quality solar street lights are commercial quality lighting systems for residential streets, parking lots and security lighting. The applications for solar powered outdoor lighting systems are endless. These units can be used for: Security and safety lighting, rural area lighting, Dock lights and so on. The costs of trenching and installing underground wiring often   make a solar street lighting system an economically feasible lower cost option.

B. Solar Street Lighting Solution

 Our solar street lighting systems are a complete turn key solution. All components needed for installation are included (except for the mounting pole). The systems are designed for easy installation. The efficient microprocessor automatically activates from sunset to sunrise. The in-built timer regulates the hours the light stays on; also regulates the battery, preventing it from overcharging and over discharging. The system is able to operate for at least 3 consecutive days without sunlight.

The luminaries are available with either, low pressure sodium (LPS), fluorescent (FL) lamps, or LED’s. The LPS lamp is a monochromatic (yellow-orange) light source, delivering the highest possible lumens per watt. Compact fluorescent lamps provide slightly less lumens, but produce a white light (4100K), which appears brighter than low pressure sodium lamps and should be used in areas where co lour rendition is desired.

Efficient Solar Street Lighting using LED

We also offer street lighting systems which use LED lights that are extremely efficient, and durable light sources. Only 1/10 the power is required with LED fixtures to produce the same light intensity as an incandescent bulb. Four packages are available that allow you to choose the lighting solution that best meets your needs.   The LED Street Light is available with either 3000 lumens to 4600 lumens, which are equivalent to 150 W and 450 W incandescent light bulbs respectively.

Powerful Solar Module

The solar modules feature high efficient solar cells, and industrial construction with a rugged tempered glass face and aluminum frame. Plus, the power output warranty ensures that, the lighting system will generate power for decades into the future. The LED Street light has the option of one or two panels depending on the application.

Solar Controller

The solar controller is perfect for lighting control functions. This controller protects against reverse current and carries a 6 months warranty. The solar controller provides 10 different options. For example, after the sun sets the controller can operate the light for two or for three hours then turn on one hour before sunrise or run dusk to dawn.

Solar Batteries

Our lead-acid solar batteries feature maintenance-free, spill-proof construction and excellent cycle life. The lockable battery box sits at the base of the light pole and protects the batteries.


We custom design solar street lights for all application and our systems can be designed to run for any period of time and with extended security features like bullet proof shields for military and other civil security lighting.


  • Easy installation – no wiring required.
  • Installing and moving is easy – no more waiting for the utility company!
  • Proven technology, Vandal and theft-resistant components and hardware.     All parts are corrosion resistant.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.
  • NO wiring runs from the grid
  • NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Utility bill
  • Maintenance Free Batteries!
  • Component lifetime of 25 years
  • One-year full system warranty


The answer is simple Safety, Health & Environment.
Free and Clean electricity from the Sun would appear to be the future power of our generation. Now solar photovoltaic modules are available at much lower prices then ever before, it would be cheaper to obtain electricity directly from the sun.

Each stand-alone, solar powered generating system can provide power for up to 24 hour a day. Solar lights can be designed to provide illumination automatically from dusk to dawn. Each system can charge itself, store and produce electricity even on dull days.
Recreation parks and gardens Solar powered lights are safer if as they operate at 12V DC. At this voltage there is no danger of electro-caution, a most beneficial safety feature in places frequented by children.
Moreover solar powered lights can be installed almost anywhere: in rugged terrain, offshore, in remote areas where electricity is needed but not available.

The basic goal of street lighting and road way lighting is to patterns and level of horizontal pavement luminance and of horizontal and vertical luminance of objects. Lighting design is concerned with the selection and location of lighting equipment so as to provide improved visibility and increased safety while making the most efficient use of energy within minimum CAPEX and most importantly OPEX.

The preferred solution is based on lighting illumination concept, which is universally used. It is based on the premise that, by providing a given level of illumination and uniformity of distribution, satisfactory visibility can be achieved.

Design process, by definition lighting designs according to illumination methods relies on the amount of flux reaching the pavement and the uniformity of the light on the pavement surface .The steps are:

  1. Determination of the foot-candle value by assessing the facility to be lighted.
  2. Selecting the type of light source
  3. Selecting the source size and mounting height
  4. Selecting Lumina ire type
  5. Determining Lumina ire spacing and location
  6. Checking for design accuracy/ adequacy with either 2,100 lumens to 8,400 Lumens, which are equivalent to 150 W and 450 W sodium light bulbs respectively.

Facilities analysis (FA) sites survey is the most important aspect of an engineering design/project. If you do not perform a thorough facilities analysis (FA), the project of installation of solar powered street and roadway lightings, installed according to the facilities analysis (FA), might never work properly, and government could spend millions of Naira on hardware that doesn’t do the intended job.

We will conduct Facilities Analysis (FA) which will enable us recommend to the government utility an adequate luminance values and uniformity ratios for Road Classification

Facilities analysis will be used for Roadway lighting designs bearing in mind:

     [a] Vertical Light Distribution

     [b] Lateral Light Distribution.

     [c] Control of Distribution Above maximum candle power.

     [d] Selection of mounting height.

     [e] Light system Depreciation,

     [f] Co-efficient of utilization.

     [g] Luminary spacing.


An Inverter is a device that changes direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). For example, that part of a UPS that converts the battery DC output to AC. A power inverter changes DC power from a battery into conventional AC power that you can use to operate all kinds of devices. The inverter needs electricity/ standby generator to charge up its batteries when they discharge. An inverter serves as a back up to electricity.

For example if Power holding company of Nigeria gives light in a building for about 12 hours in a day, an inverter can be installed in that building to back up the remaining 12 hours. An inverter has the following features and advantages:

Features & Advantages:

-Automatically switches from mains power to inverter power and vice versa
-No Petrol nor Diesel
-No Noise
-No Fumes
-No moving parts
-Very Portable
-Cheaper to operate than generators
-No special skills needed to operate
-Quick and Easy to Recharge

The inverter depending on its capacity can power the following appliances:

Phones, Cell Phones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Shredders, Fax Machines, Photocopy Machines, Answering Machines, PABX, , Blenders, Microwave, Car Battery Jump-Starting, Stereo, TV, Computer Games, Air Conditioners, Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, Mosquito Killers, Camcorder, Digital Cameras, PDAs, DVD Players, Video Decks (VCR), Medical Devices, Home Theaters, Camcorders, Sewing Machines, Radio, Organs, Cash Registers, Washing Machines, Power Tools, Hair Dryers, etc.

Client-Server Computing/Software Development: We develop customized software such as Payroll, Library/Result Management System, Sales Management System, etc that will automate your entire activities. This is where the concept of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is utilized.

 Hardware Computer Sales and Networking Equipment: This has to do with the supply of computers, maintenance and after-sales services coupled with getting these computers to communicate with one another and exchange data irrespective of the number, location and functions of individual systems. Activities of various departments can be monitored and audited from a central unit. We deal with Certified Cisco Systems, Websense, HP, and Dell. Our sales Team can provides your organization with the right equipment needed. These include but are not limited to Routers, Catalyst Switches, Computer Hardware, High-End Servers, Firewall, Bandwidth optimizer, Software, Voice gateways, IP Phones, Network security devices, Interface cards, storage switches, e.t.c. Below are some popular equipment we offer;

Network Security Solution : We provide Security remediation for corporate organizations to minimize insider and outsider threats .Security attacks vary considerably in their complexity and threat level, and some even happen because of WUI, or witless user ignorance. Basically, the vital tool that the Internet has become today was absolutely unforeseen by those who brought it into being. This is a big reason why security is now such an issue—most IP implementations are innately insecure. Tebdah is a Certified Silver Partner with Websense (World Leader in Websecurity).

Email Services: We use latest Microsoft exchange platform to make office communication (send and receive mails) via a secured network. The exchange infrastructures are the key to success in an organization whereby a fast, messaging, collaboration and secure communication rules. With more effective access to key and email resources, employees, and partners, can all benefit from enriched collaboration and more fruitful interaction to communicate quickly and efficiently in order to work in a paperless, seamless, effective and productive environment. Exchange Server can be used on any of the following platform when activated as represented in the diagram below.

1 On Notebook PC

  1. On Outlook web access on any browser { http/https}
  2. On a Treo PDAs/Other hand held devices
  3. On a blackberry
  4. On Windows Mobile PDAs

Structured Office LAN Cabling

Selecting the right cabling solution is important, but selecting the right organization to design, install and maintain those solutions effectively is also key to a customer’s business. Through Telekomforest level of knowledge, expertise, performance and loyalty, demonstrating a level of excellence in one or all of the knowledge and expertise of the SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity technology, our highly trained Consultants will deliver a peace of mind cabling infrastructure that will protect your business investment with highest level of network performance and reliability. We offer you an efficient premises connectivity system, or distribution system, allows personal computers (PCs), printers, telephones and other communications devices to communicate with each other in your organization.

Our structured connectivity solution is a cohesive way of organizing a connectivity system. The basic rules governing our structured connectivity solution are:

  • It uses standardized media and layout for both backbone and horizontal cabling.
  • It uses standard connection interfaces for the physical connection of equipment.
  • It supports equipment and applications of many vendors not just a single vendor. The cabling system is independent of the vendor’s equipment, and thus, is more flexible. This is known as “Open Architecture.”
  • It has a consistent and uniform design. It follows a system plan and basic design principles.

Wireless/Cable Connectivity: This is where we deploy internet through wireless or cable networking. In wireless solution, we do not trunk or run cables on the wall. With wireless, we deploy hot spots to enable oneself surf the internet anywhere around the premises without physical connectivity.

Web Design and Hosting: The tools we deploy here enable schools, companies, industries, government and its agencies, etc to be showcased on the world wide web(WWW), (advertising on the internet). The services of an organization can be requested on-line. This package also comes with Domain name registration.

Professional Computing/IT Training: The focus is on educating staff on how to utilize the computer utilities, programs and solutions to achieve maximum results. This is achieved by using our breed of professionals on IT trainings.

We offer various I.T. training such as CCNA, CCNP, Oracle (10g and 11i), PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, MCSA, MCDBA, SQL, VB.Net etc.

VSAT Technology for Internet services: Satellite Installation(C-Band, Ku-Band) Configuration and Integration: This facet of our service has to do with the provision of internet access through satellite together with its configuration, integration and client-support training and services.

We hope that all or some of these services of ours, will appeal to you as our prices are very competitive and our services efficient.